Sunday 1 September 2013

Forgotten Things At Our Creative Corner

Hello everyone. Today sees a new challenge at Our Creative Corner hosted by the lovely Redanne. Here's what Anne has said:

'As crafters we tend to have so much in our stash that some things inevitably get forgotten. You know how it is, you buy that 'must have' item and then you put it away in a safe place ........and it gets forgotten. Or, there might be a technique that you used to love, but have not used or even thought about for ages. So, whether you are re-discovering a forgotten item or technique, we would love to see your creation. Please remember to make it very clear in your entry what the 'forgotten' element is'

Lots of scope for this challenge isn't there? I decided to use several 'forgotten' items:
*Puzzle in a tin (charity shop buy)
*Mulberry paper flowers
*Red plastic heart
*Metal flower

I decided to alter my tin and create a long forgotten love token which has stood the test of time. . . 

A Mensa Puzzle bought in a charity shop. (I couldn't work it out!). I've kept the puzzle pieces for another day - you never know when they will come in handy. . . . .
The inside layer of the tin is rigid foam, coated with flock - not very stylish!
 So, from this, to this:

The top of the tin with the key to the contents.

Alternative view.

Here's the inside of the tin complete with a love heart token which has retained its colour, despite the age.

The tin was given two coats of DecoArt Gesso. Modelling paste was used through stencils in two areas.

When the modelling paste formed a skin, a rubber stamp was spritzed lightly with water and gently pushed into the paste.

After coating with gesso, I found that the painted foam bubbled if you used a heat gun. I prefered this look so went to town with the heat gun on the base and the sides.
Chicken wire was cut roughly to fit into one corner of the tin. This was then given a good coat of gesso.
Chicken wire was added to the lid on top of the stencilled modelling paste. Mulberry paper flowers had their stems removed, they were stuck into the tin and given a coat of gesso.

Some areas of the lid were lightly sanded with foam backed wet and dry.

The lid was covered with a mix of three DecoArt Traditions paint.
The inside of the tin was also painted but with a different mix of DecoArt Traditions.
The lid was stamped with two shades of paint - see above and below.

I then made a mistake and outlined the light areas with some raw umber paint. Why? I don't know really but it was too late to start again! To help with the aged look, some DecoArt two stage crackle medium was added to the lid. I put over the outlined areas to attempt to soften their harshness. When dry, raw umber is rubbed into the cracks.

 The tin base went through many coats of paint, washes and finally some two stage crackle medium as above.

Another forgotten item was this metal flower. The centre was snipped out and some DecoArt Metallic Lustre was applied and buffed.

The red heart is given several coats of DecoArt gesso.

The heart was given a variety of layers using different techniques and the products above to achieve the end results. In the image below you can see how the metal flower finished up and the the way in which the heart nestles on top of it.

Some more images to give you a few close up views:

Lots of layers of paints, mediums and techniques are used to attempt to recreate an aged look.

Lots of rusty wire has been used to help create the look - I love this stuff!

A little touch of Treasure gold here and there just adds a hint of richness now mainly lost in time.

That's my offering for this fab challenge from Anne. Sorry to have so many pictures but I always love to see how someone has achieved an end result - I hope you do too! I also wonder which products and techniques people use - it's how we all learn from one another isn't it?

It's now your turn to pop over to Our Creative Corner  to see the gorgeous work from the other Team A members have come up with. Don't forget to look out for the work from Team B halfway through the month too!


  1. Oh Julia, this is such an amazing creation. I have been glued to each and every step, just marvelling at your creativity...this is absolutely stunning... a beautiful piece of art. Thank you so much for making my first DT post so very special.

    I also spent a long time looking at your fabulous red nails too - lol!! Big hugs, Anne xx

  2. Dear Julia, I don't know what to say about your stunning artwork anymore ... it leaves me word- and breathless. Big hugs, Suzanne xxx

  3. So glad you took so many photos Julia. It is fascinating to see how this amazing tin came together. I'm astounded by your work, as ever, and can't believe you still manage to have perfectly manicured fingers too!! You are one stylish lady and your work is first class. Hugs, Jenny x

  4. what an amazing transformation xx

  5. ...Julia this is just so wonderful and what a stunning transformation...awesome work, I love it...Mel:)xx

  6. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! WOW WOW WOW. Julia this is fantastic, technique city or what!!?? Hope you are ok my lovely??
    Huge huggles x x x x

  7. The aged look you have achieved is soooo fantastic, Julia!

    I LOVE your tin box and that it looks as if it could tell stories of several lifetimes (of owners) passed. The really great thing I love with it is that it looks like a "forgotten thing" (or almost forgotten) itself!!! Amazing how you turned that brand new tin into an artefact like this!

    I love love love it!

    Claudia x

  8. Oh Julia, I love all the layers you've built up and the rusty wire you use. What a great transformation for your charity shop buy - a very unique piece of art. Love, Margie x

  9. That tin has been so improved by all the treatment you gave it - fabulous project.

  10. Stunning! What a transformation Julia - you really know how to create such wonderful layers and textures. Thanks for the wonderful how to. Jennie x

  11. Wow what a gorgeous love token, I love how you have altered the box and the contents inside is gorgeous, just a wonderful make ...sending hugs trace x

  12. Amazing creation from tin to a work of art. Thank you for sharing how you worked through the project, am off to find something to alter!

    Sylv xx

  13. Hey Julia,YIKKKKKKKES this post is FAN-TAS-TIC... This is why you belong on the dream team.. Outstanding transformation, the huge pics, loooove them, you can see every juice step, charity finds are the best, the creativity you have shown her is awesome,love every tiny bit of it, excellent tutorial, beautiful nails :O),not a mistake of any kind can I see, that's the way it was suppose to be all the layering, techniques, mediums, well it was like watching magic right before our eyes , Brilliant make, and I for one loooooooove to see other creative processes, thanks you so much, hope your having a wonderful weekend....

  14. My goodness but you have made that tin immeasurably more interesting and it looks TRULY FABULOUS! The step x step is brilliantly done Julia. (But how have your managed to keep those perfectly manicured fingernails?). Stunning work! Nicola x

  15. Wow! What a tiny gorgeous treasure! Thank you so much for sharing your creative process!

  16. Fabulous step out! Love the transformation! Pure grungy goodness in this little tin...LOVE it!

  17. OMGosh!! I had to look to make sure that I wasn't on Andy Skinners blog. What a wonderful tutorial with amazing results. You obviously were a good student. Beautiful work!

  18. Wow, I'm missing words, that's an outstanding altered tin.

  19. Gorgeous tin and awesome tutorial. Love all the textures & details. Have a great day, Shirleyx

  20. Awe, your tin box is fabulous Julia, I'd love my current tin push buttons box would look a bit like yours !!! Wonderful work. Coco x

  21. WOW Julia!!! What can I say...this is amazing work my lovely!!!!! Thank you so much for the step by step. You make it all look so easy but I know it isn't. Can I ask what you use to stick down your chicken wire? HUGS xxx

  22. An outstanding altered tin, Julia - and what a brilliant step by step taking us through the stages of your process, thank you. I absolutely love all the textures and finishes - delicious!
    Alison xx

  23. wow, oh wow, Julia, absolutely beautiful, so much going on in such a small area, I really love the grungy aged look and all the additions add up to one beautiful box.

  24. I'm lost for words Julia! This is absolutely amazing!!! xx

  25. Julia you transformation of the tin is totally superb. Such a treasure you have created!
    The textures and small touches you use always lead to an outstanding piece. Love it!

  26. Opps missed this one a fabulous make over Julia :)
    Von ♥

  27. What a fabulous tin! Love the chickenwire inside and out, and thanks so much for sharing all the step-out photos. Off to pin...

  28. fantastic, Im, going to try something like it!

  29. Seriously cool use of paint and gesso!

  30. Ooohhh my gosh Julia, so many amazing projects I missed here, and I have to say that I just love them all: newest box, clogs, tags, books…fantastic colours and texture is really became queen of texture …I missed you !
    Hugs from Slovenia


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