Saturday, 6 October 2012

Craft Barn Calendar Challenge. . . . . . .

I've decided to join in the Craft Barn Callendar Challenge this week and hopefully, if I can manage it, for the next 12 weeks!

Every week that you enter will result in a 15% discount for online shopping at the Craft Barn - for that week only. If you enter all 12 weeks you will qualify for entry into a draw for a 'big' prize! It's a no brainer really isn't it?

The theme to be included this week is the use of vellum - I'll try not to groan but it's not my favourite crafting material! That's probably why I've made minimum use of it I suppose. . . . . . . .

I've got a couple of those little white calendars and I've decided to make one calendar 'page' per month rather than 12 calendars. I did briefly consider printing out my own but time is tight enough without adding that pressure! (I know it doesn't take too long but I'm opting out to save time!).

I've chosen to use a theme which is relevant for January. I've used a snowflake theme and an icy blue and brown colour scheme.

Here's month #1:
I promise you that this page sparkles brilliantly but you wouldn't know it from this photo!
Some snowflakes were die cut, inked, stamped with script and small snowflakes then decorated with a modest amount of distress stickles dry glitter (gorgeous stuff and I might turn into a glitter girl!).
I used a washer to re-enforce the hole at the top of the page - it was coloured with alcohol ink first to tone in. I got this fab idea from the hugely talented Mel aka The Yorkshire Fox and did say I'd like to borrow it one day - if you don't know Mel, take a minute to visit her blog as you're in for a real treat!
The numbers were die cut twice: once in vellum and once in thick card. The card numbers were painted with distress crackle paint. The vellum numbers were embossed in a folder then inked with matching distress - I liked this effect and decided that was enough vellum for me!! I chose a folder which matched the pattern created by the two layers of tape used - this is explained under the next photo.
Part of the background incorporates some mesh tape covered with metal tape and then coloured with alcohol inks in a toning shade. I like the little extra texture you get from this addition.
The background was created with distress ink and stamping with the same colours to build up quite a clean, simple look. I then went in heavy on the edges with some walnut distress to grunge things up a little.
When I removed the January sheet from the calendar, I had to unpick the stitching. That left me with little holes which were unsightly. I considered faux stitching but in the end chose to use a hand stitch with silver thread to improve the look - must be mad!
You get a vague idea of the sparkle in this photo but I've failed to capture it all I'm afraid - you'll just have to use your imagination!

So that's one down and only eleven to go! Better get thinking and trying to second guess the next theme!

Thanks for reading/looking down this far - it's much appreciated. 


  1. Wowwww !!! It's really gorgeous and beautiful ! I love your big size embossed figures too ! Have a fab week-end Julia. Coco xx

  2. i am french , my english is not very good , Thanks for upur visit on my blog , your is very very beautiful brown and blue crackle effect and sparkles ouahhh
    Good week end

  3. Fab calender page Julia love blue and brown you think we are all expecting snow in January as a lot of us have gone for the snow/snowflake look....Brrrr I hope not lol.


  4. Hi Julia, I am not a great vellum fan either but as we speak I am making poinsettias with the stuff. What you have done with the vellum is brilliant, it creates such gorgeous texture on the numbers and the rest of the page is so beautiful in that blue with the aged edges. That mesh and metal tape look amazing too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. I like how you've used the vellum in the numbers with lots of texture. It's a great page in a fab colour scheme.

  6. Those letters are amazing...even though you dont likeep ear dry vellum you have created such a stunning project

  7. so sorry about the terrible spelling mistakes in the earlier comment...since I am an ENT Surgeon and use the a medical software medical terms tend to creep in!
    gorgeous 2013 !

  8. This is stunning!! I love these colours together, they are beautiful and I can see the looks wonderful! I think it is a great idea to do a page per month
    You will be able to enjoy your handiwork all year !!!!
    Hugs trace x
    Thanks for the kind wishes!

  9. Just gorgeous, Julia... I'm a sucker for blue&brown of course, so you're onto a winner with me... and the sparkle and texture in this is just fabulous. Love the chunky numbering, and the mesh looks amazing against the colours behind - wow!
    Alison x

  10. Beautiful Julia
    looking forward to see the others you are going to make.

    Greetings Janny

  11. A little bit grungy, a bit distressed... your unpicked and re-sewn edge fits in perfectly, lovely page !

  12. Who would believe that vellum was used? An altered vellum page almost! Fantastic concept!It looks great! TFS your techniques!

  13. I to had to look again didn't realise that you had use vellum for the numbers - great idea and a gorgeous calender page!( thanks for the comments but think your on a lost cause getting me all grunged up neat freak that's me - but love seeing your inky work!!)x

  14. What a great winterlook Julia!...and as usual your details are so nice... The numbers look so well with the embossing and vellum as well as the silverthread stitches...

    Good luck with the next one!

    Greetings, Alie :-)

  15. The textural elements with the shiny blingy stuff would look amazing IRL. Julia, I too enjoy looking at all the lovely little details!

  16. Oh no, are you going to have to stitch every month! :o) I love the strip of metal tape and how you've done the numbers. A super January page. xx

  17. Great calender page! Love the way you created the numbers, very cool!
    Have a great week.

  18. That vellum over the numbers looks stunning. Makes the numbers look really chunky.

    Sam xxx

  19. Wonderful page.,i especially like the colors and your "vellum" numbers rock.

  20. Great idea Julia, and Jan looks stunning, I love those colours. and the layered numbers, beautiful little details make this what it is x

  21. ohhh beautiful, love those big numbers!!
    Thanks for playing with us.

  22. Gorgeous calendar!! I'm with you on the vellum, but I think you have put it to marvelous use!!

  23. It's fabulous.... the numbers are amazing!

  24. Ok- this is stunning. I LOVE the colors and all the texture...just amazing!

  25. This is gorgeous! I love how you created the numbers.


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