Thursday, 2 August 2012

Alice, The White Rabbit and a Situation. . . . .

The challenge at Dragons Dream TIO is to create a tag using the following recipe:

  Alice, the White Rabbit and a situation - also, use at least one stamp

My heart sank initially because I don't possess any Alice stamps or indeed stamps that could be used to  improvise! In fact, I've only appreciated the book since I've become an adult - as a child I didn't like it and my own daughter wasn't keen either.

The 'digi' stamp idea came to mind but that was a bridge too far (no offence to those that use them!) so in the end I trotted off to the charity shop to find an Alice book which I could use for images. I'm not into chopping books up but I've decided that buying one in a charity shop and then mistreating it is OK because I've contributed to a charity and the book gets a new lease of life. . . . .

Enough rambling: I decided to make a 3D tag which shows a little room beyond a door - very tricky - and I also changed the script a little for my 'situation'. My situation is this:

    The Queen of Hearts makes the White Rabbit a prince; Alice grows wings after drinking the potion and they have an argument about who is in the most enviable position. Alice states it's her because she is free to go where ever she pleases, whenever she pleases, due to her new wings. The Rabbit of course says it's him because he has a crown (just love the look of him wearing a crown!) and is therefore able to do anything he pleases, whenever he pleases AND it doesn't matter if he's late because everyone has to wait for him. . . . . . I can just image how many far fetched situations they could get into whilst trying to prove they are the winner in this argument!

Silly I know, but we're all allowed to dream aren't we. . . . . . .?

I'm also going to show my work at:
Try It On A Tuesday who this week have an 'Anything Goes' challenge.
Fab 'n' Funky who ask for 'Anything But A Card'.

Here's what I made:
(apologies for so many photos but I wanted to show all the bits and pieces of the design - also failed miserably to get them in the order I wanted!!)

This image shows the two 'walls' in the little room before the tag was constructed. The left wall was made by stamping a brick design using stamp rubber off cuts. The 'mortar' was achieved by embossing with crystal powder. The colour was kept light to counteract the other darker wall. The clock was stamped and inked. The dragonfly was stamped with distress markers, cut out then crackled with rock candy. The cards are a reference to the original story and were cut from the charity shop book. The dark wall was created with dylusion inks and stencil with the help of a white gel pen.

The completed tag showing Alice crouching to go through a little door which leads to a small room. Some clocks and the words 'tick and tock' are stamped into the corners - this links to the original story and the Rabbit's fixation with time.

A side view of the tag - shows that the whole piece is basically triangular in shape
(side dimensions are not equal). Sorry but this was a pain to photograph and is not as good as it could be!
This image gives some idea of the 'room' behind. The rabbit was cut from the book;  his crown has had microbeads stuck to it and some little gems as jewels - love the way his ears stick up through his crown! In true rabbit style, he has a pink eye!

More wings (so love them!) which were stamped onto acetate and embossed with crystal powder and cut out - quite a lot of the powder stuck to the wings around the design but I liked the effect so decided not to do them again. Alice also has a die cut flower in her hair which was coloured with dylusion inks, stamped with crackle stamp using chalky ink and a gem in the centre.
Lollipop flowers made the same way as the flower in Alice's hair but secured to bamboo sticks and attached. I wanted the flowers larger than life to fit in with the Alice tale.
The tag was embossed with a Tim folder, the centre of the design was partially cut out to make a door for Alice to go through. After embossing, the tag was inked with dylusion and distress inks. Some embossing enamel was randomly applied over the embossed card. In this image you can see another die cut flower in the corner but this one has no stamping only colour.

The sentiments are intended to make the reader develop their own answer to the question posed. These were made using a label maker and then inked with distress (easier than connecting laptop to printer, cutting out, inking etc.!!).
Hope you like this little bit of fun! I've really enjoyed making it. Why don't you have a dream and link up a creation to DragonsDream? The Design Team work is worth seeing even if you decide not to enter!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Julia, This is just fantastic, I LOVE your take on Alice, and the whole tag is a masterwork of ingenuity!

  2. Think of it as giving the book (physical book) a new lease of life, rather than destroying it. Especially as you have created a stunning tag. Alice was my favourite book as a child - I used to be able to recite Jabberwocky from memory.

  3. Really, really cool tag! Alice rocks and so do you with yours creations!!

  4. Wow Julia, what a nice details on your looks so great all together!
    And I already started to find an answer on the text :-)
    Gorgeous artwork!!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  5. Where is the "LOVE" button?!?!? This is totally gorgeous, Julia. Her wings are fantastic, as are so many other great details!

  6. Love this tag, Julia!

    And the crown worn "rabbit-style" is so gorgeous! Great tag!

    Greetings from Vienna,

    die amelie x x

  7. I hated this book as a kid and even more so after the movie perhaps it was the pilgrimages to a church with Lewis Carroll windows as a kid. Whatever I love your tag it is the best I have seen not full of movie overstatement and cit is clever.

  8. WOW! Words fail me ... that's incredibly awesome, Julia. Adore this one ... you put so much love and work into the many wonderful little details, and I do love the 'situation'. That's hilarious. Also love the idea that you made it 3d.
    King Rabbit is just devine! You've outdone yourself ...
    Best, Suzanne xxx

    (shhhhh: as a child I didn't like the book either. And I like the German tranlation even less)

  9. This is one of those projects you could really do with seeing IRL as there is so much gorgeous detail to take in. Isn't it a pain to attempt to photgraph details as they never come out the way you want?! You've really caught the sense of mystery and the care and attention lavished on it is stunning. Should really add this challenge to the list. Hugs, Buttons x

  10. Let me pick my jaw off the floor... This is fabulous Julie.. The background is AmAzing.. the detail is Gorgeous.. The work that gone into this is outstanding... Thank you for dreaming with us at Dragons Dream TIO... May x x x x

  11. Wow, we really love your tag. Chopping up books for art is fine, we're about to order a second hand Alice book to alter actually :)

  12. Stunning.... I hate you for being so bloody talented ;-) Just kidding, your work is just so wonderfully inspiring.


  13. So amazing! Love all the little details! M x

  14. WOW!"! This is absolutely stunning. I love the design, it is so well thought out and beautifully detailed.

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Fab n Funky challenge with such a wonderful creation


  15. Great creation! I love the all the details you used to tell your story as well! Thank you for joining us this week at Fab'n'Funky!

  16. this is wonderful, love the way alice is stepping through the tag, just a beautfil make , the efforts are well worth it! trace x

  17. Stunning creation, love the design and the colours are gorgeous...Thanks for joining us at Fab'n'Funky this week.
    Wendy xx

  18. WOWWWWWWWW Julia What a great tag
    I love all the details on it.

    Greetings Janny

  19. What a stunning creation Julia - the attention to detail is wonderful. This really does have the WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW factor!
    Thank you for your kind comment, and also for joining my followers - I love your work, and am now returning the favour!!
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  20. Oh,'ve left me rather speechless! I just drank in all the details through the close up shots you were so gracious to let us see....

    It's a real work of art, much, much more than a card. Well done, my friend!

  21. Hi Julia - thank you so much for taking the time to leave some rather wonderful comments on my blog :) I've just been looking at the first page of yours and i'm drooling with the awesome inspiration on here. I'm bookmarking so that the next time I'm sat with a cup of tea, I can take it in fully. Love this tag, lots of dimension and detail esp. the embossing powder highlights. Px

  22. Hi Julia, This is stunning, not just your tag, but the 'altered' Alice story - think I like it better than the original!
    The tag is fabulous, so much detail, as I said - Stunning.
    Thanks for entering at TioT
    Avril xx

  23. wow sitting here wiping the drool of my keyboard, this is breathtaking, the most awesome tag I ever saw. WOOOOOWWWWW. thanks so much for sharing this awesomnes with TIO

  24. Gorgeous!! I am loving all the little details that you added to the cut out pieces, I love wings too! Plus, I am all for older books getting a new lease on life, I have a couple that I use for the printed pages alone! I'm always afraid some book hugger is going to berate me for doing that but I figured it's better than death by dust and neglect!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  25. Stunning Tag Julia. Just found your blog from the link at Alie's with the beautiful tag that you sent her :) Your work is beautiful, will become a follower :) Greetings from Canada ! Shirley

  26. WOW and double, treble WOW! This is superb. Love it so much and I AM an Alice fan. What a fabulous imagination you have and you have put it all into this tag - wonderful! Congratulations!
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps what about clip art for ML?

  27. this is outstanding, wonderful details and composition, thank you for sharing this amazing work with us at TIOT.EE

  28. Gorgeous tag, your Alice is so pretty and I love all the texture. Thanks for sharing with us at Dragons Dream this time. Elizabeth x

  29. How fabulous, I'm missing words, your tag is breathtaking. Thanks for dreaming with us at TIO this fortnight.

  30. Is it a tag? Is it a card? YAY - It's BOTH. Super job Julia, and wondering if the Alice book is sewn bound for altering? LOL

  31. Julia this is simply amazing!! The details are beautiful, I love Rabbit's crown and all the little bits of embossing enamels. You have not destroyed your book, you have brought it to life. Thank you so much for sharing with us again at Dragon's Dream TIO x

  32. Hi Julia I have to agree that this is fabulous! I love the colours and Alice with wings is brilliant. The detail captured here makes for one fantabulous piece. Thank you for sharing and for kind comments left on my blog, they are so appreciated. Crafty hugs Annie x

  33. Wow!!! I LOVE this, it's absolutely stunning. Cath x

  34. Fabulous tag.I love the elements & your story too.
    I know what you mean about blog hopping, sometimes I think i have got round them all & then I realise i have missed one!!

  35. Wow, I agree with Anna, this is amazing, I love how much has gone into making this, awesome.


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