Thursday 15 March 2012

Mad March

Over at Tag Tuesday the theme this week is 'Mad March'.

I used to live overlooking a secluded bay in Pembrokeshire,West Wales - nothing much there except some holiday flats and the post office. What was there, were the most amazing sand dunes leading steeply down to the shore. We used to walk our dog down there and at weekends when we took him out early, we always saw loads of wild rabbits playing and scampering around - until they got wind of us and the dog and then off they went! This theme reminded me of those gorgeous times and although I didn't see any hares, these thoughts were the inspiration for my tag.

 I don't have anything in my stash related to animals, at least that's what I thought! I then remembered the free stamp that came with the latest issue of Craft Stamper and decided it was perfect - and it really is the only animal stamp I have!

I tried to show the boxing hares set as a silhouette against a spring sky with delicate blue hues and that lovely soft spring sunshine. 'real life' you can see the delicate colours easily but given my photography skills, it's a little more difficult to see them!

At the base of the tag, I tried to create a dense undergrowth look by adding dark DI colours with some random foliage stamping which I then embossed with a matt powder - it's a very old one I have called green topiary (I think).

In the sky I added some stamped birds flying in formation to try to give further depth to the scene.

The letters at the bottom are very shimmery as I used loads of cosmic shimmer mist before inking them and adding glossy accents (love that stuff!). I'm afraid two letters are not exactly correctly placed but I hope you'll forgive that one!

The background colours of the sky are a delicate blue and yellow just like a spring morning but in the photo they do look a little washed out!

A slightly fuzzy shot but I think it shows the hares nicely framed by the plants some of which are on the original stamp and the others I added to give a layered look. The embossing picks out some of the plants but I didn't want a completely embossed area here so I did it in stages.

Really love how the birds give depth to the scene, framed by the trees just coming to life with leaves on the right hand side image.
Oh well, I've had a go and I like the tag as it holds lovely memories for me of the sea, the sound of the waves and the gorgeous little rabbits. I don't see much of that in suburban south London!


  1. A gorgeous tag Julia, you've created a lovely little scene. I have that stamp but didn't think I would ever use it - you may have inspired me to ink it up! Love the glossy accents on the letters - will have to try that too! xx

  2. Mad March Hares - I love it. My maiden name was Hares so I have a soft spot for them. OK so you think they are rabbits, but the ears are quite long so let me dream. PS I grew up on South Wales and often went to Lawrenny on the Pembroke coast, you might know it. BJ


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