Wednesday 8 February 2012

New Stamp Arrived!

How gorgeous is that stamp? She arrived today and is the fourth La Blanche stamp that I've got. The others are flowers and some clocks. I had to try her out on the nearest scrap of card which was to hand. I had out my coffee archival ink pad (which is fast becoming a favourite) and voilà! I also added some dark bronze cosmic shimmer but that doesn't show up at all here. My photography skills are not good and I need HELP!

Not sure what I will do with her yet but just staring at this is enough for now - hopefully some inspiration will come. I don't want to 'colour her in' but would rather sneak her into a background in some way perhaps?

Maybe I should have a go at an AJ page like the Craft Barn challenge this week and include her as one of the things I love!


  1. A gorgeous stamps, think I'd use some of the Ultra thick embossing with it, or distress inks.. love stamps

    Lovely blog


  2. Thanks Cassidy. My sister and I bought a large tub of the ultra thick last week - to share! That sounds like a good idea which I must try. Julia


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